I just came across a journal entry from a couple months ago, and noticed it had the same theme as one I wrote last week. Vulnerability (more on that process coming up in a future post). At first It was disheartening. It felt like I was stuck.

I know I have this inner voice telling me, “what’s the point of committing to this inner growth? See your going no where and it takes so much time.” I also know that inner voice can be narrow minded, anxious, and likes the comfort of the way things are.

When we grow we reassess, let go of things that don’t serve our values or eat away at our souls. We hunger for meaning and fulfillment. All this takes risk. Our knees give out at the thought of jumping off a cliff into the unknown. But here’s the thing anxiety and excitement manifest the same way in our body: the shaking, the tingling all over, heart racing, quickened breath. So maybe what I’m really feeling is the excitement of the jump.